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Cow is one of the most common domesticated animals, which is raised for products like meat and milk. The company is one of the renowned Exporters and Suppliers of dairy Cows based in India. We offer a variety of cows for varied purposes and requirements of our clients. The variety of cows offered by us includes Cross Breed Cow, Sahiwal Cow, Jersey Cow, and Holstein Friesian Cow. These Cows are known for their high milk yielding capability. Also, buyers can avail various breeds of healthy Cows from us at very reasonable prices.

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Cross Breed Cow
Cross Breed Cow Sachdeva Dairy Farm is a well trusted name for healthy Cross Breed Cows. The company is a well-known Exporter, Importer, and Supplier of Cross Breed Cows based in India. Our Cross Breed Cows are especially cross bred with healthy bulls of other breed, for a highly efficient breed of cows. Known for their better milk producing capabilities, our Cross Breed Cows are commonly used for obtaining fine quality milk. more...

Sahiwal Cow
Sahiwal Cow We have specialization in exporting and supplying healthy breed of Sahiwal Cows. The Sahiwal Cows that we provide are primarily demanded for milk production. Preferred for their resistance to ticks and parasites, these Sahiwal Cows are highly demanded not only in India but in international markets as well. more...

Jersey Cow
Jersey Cow The company is a well trusted name for healthy Jersey Cows. We are chiefly engaged in exporting and supplying Jersey Cows, which are used as a dairy animal. Popular for high butterfat in its milk, these Jersey Cows have better health as compared to other cows. Due to their high fertility and milk yielding capabilities, the Jersey Cows that we provide are high on demand. more...

Holstein Friesian Cow
Holstein Friesian Cow Holstein Friesian Cow is one of the highest milk producing breed of cows. We are one of the well-known Exporters and Suppliers of Holstein Friesian Cows based in India. Owing to their high milk yielding capability, our healthy Holstein Friesian Cows are generally used for milk production purposes in dairy farms. more...

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